Public Adjusters Settle Large Roof Claim in Pinecrest, FL

Over 4 years ago, Hurricane Wilma damaged the roof and caused extensive interior damages to Mrs. George’s residence located near 57th Avenue and SW 104th St in the heart of Pinecrest in Miami-Dade County. Their insurance company sent two of their adjusters to inspect the home one month apart form each other. Both insurance company adjusters informed the homeowner that the insurance company would be paying her for a new roof. Both times, the inside examiner at the insurance company denied replacement of the roof. This nice lady who is old enough to be my grandmother, had an very sick husband during Hurricane Wilma who shortly after, passed away. Within that same time period, she had to be hospitalized for a severe slip and fall in her home. Between the mourning of her husband’s death and the recovery from her accident. You can well imagine her insurance claim was the last thing on her mind. It wasn’t until late 2009, that Intellaclaim Public Adjusters was retained to assist getting proper settlement for this claim. The insurance company had only paid around $34,000 prior to our involvement. Around $5,200 of which was for roof repairs to a type of tile roof that was dis-continued and impossible to repair in compliance with Miami-Dade County code requirements. We just settled the claim this week for a little over $113,000, which included full replacement of the roof and some other areas not noticed by prior insurance company adjusters. Mrs. George was relieved to finally get the new roof she deserved over 4 years ago, and be able to repair her home back to normal before the 2010 hurricane season.


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